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Sharpsburg Cutout

Here are some pics from a fall cut out we assisted with in Sharpsburg.  Kudos to Ruthann and Tyler for doing an awesome job with their first cutout!   ——  

Bees Literally Worrying Themselves to Death

From: The American honeybee is in peril, you might have heard, if you are the sort of person who likes a ghost story. In the last year, beekeepers lost 42 percent of their colonies, another peak in a string of mass die-offs on the scale of plagues: In the…

Off to a running start!

The first meeting of the Fayette Beekeepers was a long time and a lot of work in the making, but the turn out and level of participation was far greater than expected.  In all twenty-one (21) smiling faces showed up, some driving no short distance to make it.  (thank you…

Video: Building Swarm Traps

A video on building some wood pulp swarm traps.


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