Serving Fayette County, GA and Surrounding Areas

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Chartered under the Fayette County Farm Bureau and operating on behalf thereof, the stated mission of the Fayette County Farm Bureau Honeybee Committee is to facilitate education and advocate community awareness about honeybees, beekeeping, and native pollinators in the Fayette County area while actively encouraging responsible, sustainable beekeeping practices.
Foundational Principles

This mission is supported by the following tenets:

Education, Community Outreach, Fellowship, and Advocacy


The Honeybee Committee shall provide public education resources on the importance of honeybees to agriculture and our local communities

The honeybee committee shall serve as an educational and informational resource for the general public and media outlets as appropriate.

The Honeybee Committee shall endeavor to offer formalized instruction in beginning and intermediate beekeeping classes taught by experienced beekeepers.

Community Outreach

The Honeybee Committee shall create and maintain a website that supports our mission, provides updates, and provides resources to members and the general public including, but not limited to:

  • Swarm capture list
  • Beekeeping Supplier information
  • General information and distributable materials for public consumption
  • Local honey suppliers
  • Regulatory information relevant to beekeeping practices in the Fayette area
  • Discussion area such as a forum

Community outreach may also be accomplished through presentations to schools, clubs and other interested groups, participation in fairs, festivals and other public venues.

The Honeybee Committee shall provide opportunities for interested beekeepers and the public to periodically meet, socialize and share useful information related to honeybees, native pollinators, beekeeping and related topics.

To that end, the committee shall endeavor to facilitate mentoring relationships whereby new beekeepers can work with experienced beekeepers to gain knowledge, experience, and confidence in beekeeping practices.


The Honeybee Committee shall advocate the interests of local beekeepers and the Farm Bureau through interaction with local government and the county extension office on matters pertaining to beekeeping or honeybees.