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Attempt to Remove Bees Ends in Total Loss House Fire

Photo credit: Fayette County Fire and Emergency Services Originally posted by Christopher Dunn at Fayette County News An attempt to get rid of pests ended in a devastating house fire Sunday evening. The homeowners, trying to get rid of a nest of bees, lit a stick on fire and pushed…

2017 Swarm Hunting

Some pictures of swarms of swarms captured in 2017!

Young Harris Beekeeping Institute Registration Open

Wednesday, May 10th – Saturday, May 13 2017 Registration for the 2017 Young Harris / UGA Beekeeping Institute is now open! All registration will be conducted online. Click on this link to access the registration form: Click here for more information: Please send any questions to Bear and…

Video: Encouraging Pollinators and Beneficial Insects

Kim Tole of the Fayette Extension Office came out and gave a great presentation at our November 2015 Meeting.  It was unfortunately a small turn out, but the video can be seen below.  We also had a few new folks show up for the meeting so welcome to Ken, Donna,…

Sharpsburg Cutout

Here are some pics from a fall cut out we assisted with in Sharpsburg.  Kudos to Ruthann and Tyler for doing an awesome job with their first cutout!   ——